A Year of Foresight 2020 - Personal

Every year in early December I review my goals I've made for myself and judge my success. Towards the end of December I make new goals based

A Year in Review 2019 - Personal

At the beginning of every December I reflect on the previous year...this year has been a whirlwind of complexity.

Degradation of Democracy

The U.S. is considered a flawed democracy. And that’s not due to the 2016 election.

Diversification of Identity

Who are you? Are you a dentist? Are you a salesman? A janitor? An undertaker? Actor, professor, fisherman?

An Oath of Service

If we don't live by the standards set by the Constitution then what, or better yet who's, standards do we live by?

Independence Alley

We work because we have to. What is it going to get to the point where we no longer have to work?

Be a Man, Damn You

What expectations should we put on others and ourselves?

Paying for the Past

A multitude of Democratic candidates for the presidency called for looking into reparations for our Nation's dark history of slavery....