Trickle UP Economics

When a decent amount of people start to identify as a socialist is when a capitalist asks: what’s going on?! We need to look for solutions.

Good Job, Mr. Trump

No one should agree with a president 100% of the time [but] there are times when a president truly deserves praise.

5 Steps to get through Campaign Season

If you thought 2016 was bad you haven't seen what the next rough ride of 2020 will show you. In about six weeks the Iowa caucus kicks off

I Promise You'll Enjoy This!

Trump: "We will bring back our wealth. And we will bring back our dreams." Are these promises being kept?

Degradation of Democracy

The U.S. is considered a flawed democracy. And that’s not due to the 2016 election.

A Career by Any Other Name

Deep state people have their version of events to express their own will in veil of public service. Diplomats serve to better their country

An Oath of Service

If we don't live by the standards set by the Constitution then what, or better yet who's, standards do we live by?

Quid pro Woah

Justification for the Impeachment of President Donald John Trump

What am I Missing?

A short post on the news that was missed this last week.

The Ties that Bound Us

Our leadership in the world is being challenged. Not only from without, but from within.

The President's Other Personal Lawyer

It's not Michael Cohen and it's not Rudy Giuliani. This personal lawyer heads the United States Department of Justice: Attorney General...

Weekend Mess Hall: 9/27/2019-9/29/2019

President Trump seems to tweet a lot when he is stressed and the more stressed out he is the more erratic the substance of his tweets. He...