• Michael McGowan

A Career by Any Other Name

I was watching bits and pieces of the impeachment inquiry this last week. It is difficult to watch with the parliamentary procedures and political diatribes by the committee members. Another boring part that I found was the long introductory resumes. I get it, you're in service to your country. Your daddy served the country...your daddy's daddy served the country. Then I realized not only are they reiterating their service to show their qualifications to their post, but they are submitting to Congress their knowledge of the political atmosphere and understanding not only how political decorum works, but also what teeters on the unlawful. They are stating facts.

Don't let that stop the people that are attempting to sully their reputations and overlook the crimes committed by the president. These witnesses are the deep state. Apparently, they don't want President Trump to disrupt the long held power of the deep state. They aren't diplomats. These people want to subvert the will of the people. However, as these witnesses had stated, they serve at the pleasure of the president. They are simply stating the facts. It is the power of Congress to decide if an action is impeachable.

In the movie, Thirteen Days, there is a part of what I feel is a good example of the deep state versus diplomats. Secretary of Defense McNamara and Admiral Anderson argue about the direction of actions on Russian ships approaching a Naval blockade during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Deep state people have their version of events to express their own will in veil of public service. Diplomats serve to better their country and can see the impact of their decisions. Admiral Anderson was following the rules of engagement. Secretary McNamara understood that this engagement was a diplomatic course and not yet a full military exercise.

In the movie, the movement of military ships was the conversation President Kennedy was having with Soviet Premier Khrushchev. He didn't need to have an expressed linguistic engagement. Movements were understood. So when President Trump has a conversation about "do me a favor" to President Zelensky, it's understood it's not about corruption. It's about one diplomat to another expressing their own will under the guise of public service.

The deep state doesn't have to be a person with life-long service to one's country. The deep state is about the highest echelons of power with a self-service attitude.

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