• Michael McGowan

Be a Man, Damn You

Last Sunday I had an hour to kill so I thought I'd go to Sam's Club to fill up the gas tank. I dragged my wife and son along. While waiting behind the long stream of idling cars the van in front of me ran out of gas. The van emptied of its contents: three girls scouts.

My wife told my son next time they pile out of the car he needs to go help. He asked why should he? My wife said because that's what men do. And I agree. He said, rightly so, "they look like they're having fun. Why should I go out there?"

What kind of expectations do we (society) set for our youth? There is a division of labor in my house. I take out the trash and kill the spiders. My oldest boy mows the lawn. My daughter washes the dishes. My wife does the laundry and my youngest boy somehow gets out of everything.

Why should you go out there? Not because that's what men do, but it's because what people do for each other, regardless of gender. I got out and pushed.

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