• Michael McGowan

Clear as Mud

The Swamp: it's an area of low-lying, uncultivated ground where water collects. Also known as a marsh...or a bog. Our American Bog is getting really muddied up with the recent developments of Ukraine. There's no way you can drain a swamp without either sucking out the filth or digging a ditch. President Trump is digging the ditch, but rather for himself.

The most transparent president in history is setting himself up for impeachment proceedings. All of this could have been avoided if he could just resist his natural impulses for self emolument. He's a good politician. He has a natural ability to praise himself and get people to agree with him. This Ukraine mess is one he could have done without.

Here's a quick synopsis of what happened. Trump called up the president of Ukraine and basically said, "we have this great relationship. You have a great country. I've got this cash waiting to be handed to you for military aid. Oh by the way, Biden and his son were there a couple years ago. It'd be great if you could look into this."

A few intelligence people gathered around the proverbial water cooler and talked. Basically saying, "Can you believe this crap? We have to say something to Congress!" It has yet to be determined if his actions were illegal, but they certainly have the taint of corruption.

And that's where we are. Everyone that wades in the water surrounding President Trump is subject to the diseases borne by swamp insects. Trump's web of troubles are ensnaring Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Secretary of State Pompeo, Vice President Pence and many more.

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