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Clobbering Klobuchar

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Bring it on!

Amy Klobuchar might be the great contender to all the other Democratic candidates for the President of the United States. On a national stage not many people would recognize her name, but she's making some waves in the early race for the nomination.

The Democratic Party seems to be going all in for far-left politics. Seemingly the primary season is all about what candidate can go furthest left to satisfy the base of the party. Bernie Sanders wants free education, Beto O'Rouke wants not only to stop the wall, but to tear it down and a many of the candidates are racing to endorse the Green New Deal...all to build their Democratic qualifications. What is Klobuchar doing to reach out to the Democratic Party?

The Democratic Party is made up of fractured factions.

The question for the eventual nominee is who can bring these factions together? Can the senator from Minnesota do it? I'd say being from Minnesota is a great benefit for her going into the early races of Iowa and New Hampshire. The demographics of those two states are closer to Minnesota then the rest of the country is. So if she has a strong showing in the primaries of those two states she only has to overcome Nevada and South Carolina and then Super Tuesday in which her home state has its primary.

Here's a quick rundown of her stances on some issues:

  1. She supports an expansion of Medicaid and Medicare.

  2. Supports the expansion of federal Pell Grant

  3. Supports reforming ICE

  4. Pro-choice and anti-sex trafficking advocate

  5. Supports a ban on assault weapons and expanded back-ground checks

  6. Rejoining the Paris Accord on Climate

  7. Federal minimum wage of $15 per hour

Those are all easy things to be in support of as being a Democrat, but what makes those same issues difficult for her? She doesn't support Medicaid for all, she doesn't support ending student debt, and she doesn't support abolishing ICE.

The worst thing going for her is her reputation on how she treats her staff? If you read anything into politics there are reports of her throwing things, demanding they run errands that have nothing to do with their positions, demeaning them, etc.. Her defenders might say it's sexist to point out that she is a tough boss. Even some of her staff has come to her support in saying that albeit she is a tough boss she has not done anything to warrant that title of a horrible boss. A woman doesn't need to be nurturing, a friend, nor a mentor to be a boss. I've had strong women bosses that weren't terrible. I've also had terrible bosses that were men. The point of a terrible boss is they do things they don't need to do to show who is boss. This might be her "Swift Boat Veterans". We'll have to wait to see.

The problem I have, and perhaps voters, is that I wouldn't want to sit down and have a beer with her? Are we going to be the Joe the Plumber? Do we want a nice president? Obama was criticized once because he wasn't angry enough at some issue. I can't recall the time, but the next interview he had he was mad. It didn't fit him. But now we have a horrible boss for President right now. Lyndon Johnson was quite famous for being a demeaning and terrible person. Bill Clinton wasn't necessarily bad to his staff, but he certainly didn't go out of his way to treat his staff well either and I can't imagine Hillary Clinton being a beacon of niceties.

Johnson, apparently, laughs with you Not at you.

It's Okay, I've got this.


Amy Klobuchar will be one of more than twenty Democratic candidates for President, but I give her more than a 5% chance of winning the Democratic nomination for president.

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