• Michael McGowan

Cost of Chaos

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

The election of Donald Trump, to some of his supporters, was all about smaller government. That is an absolutely valid political reason for supporting the election of a candidate. Small government is a cornerstone of Conservative values and I have no complaint with that political theory. I love political activism, even with those that I disagree on a philosophical level. Now whenever Trump disagrees with the career government employees he likes to call them the "deep state". They're not the "deep state"; these federal employees, like all other Americans, care deeply for the United States of America and wants her to succeed.

Let me get back to smaller government. Trump has kept a campaign promise. He's cut many regulations. He's not only succeeding in his campaign promise of deregulation, but in many cases he is exceeding expectations. I don't necessarily agree with many of the cuts he is making because the impact can cause great harm. However, for the sake of getting along, I will go along. I applaud President Trump for this act of smaller government for the sake of Conservative values.

There are some areas of government that I am fundamentally against cutting, or if there must be cuts then carefully and minimally to lessen the impact over time. The deeper the cut the worse the hemorrhaging.

President Trump's budget includes an astounding 24% cut to the State Department and USAID while increasing the budgets of the Defense Department and Homeland Security by 5 and 7 percent respectively. I'm all for giving our uniformed defenders a raise and increasing Homeland Security's budget, but the State Department will be crippled by the reduction.

The State Department in conjunction with a strong military is what makes up our foreign policy. What message does this budget request send to our enemies and to an extension our allies? We are militarizing our foreign policy to the extent that it will create long-term chaos. Our policy experts are already being worked around when Trump gives out his personal phone number to leaders around the world. That's great to an extent, but the fact that he feels the need to negotiate directly leads to failings of public perception. However you feel about Trump meeting with North Korea's Kim that meeting should have been a formality. Yet, all these details were not worked out well beforehand because you have a State Department that is being stalled by the President and a foreign engagement that must be kept guessing at the true intentions of this administration.

Granted, Trump has been trying to do this since his first budget and has been shut down. I fear that one of the budgets will go through. Considering we have between 2 and 6 years left of his presidency the cost of this chaos will be considerable to repair.

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