• Michael McGowan

Diversification of Identity

Many times we will be at a party or some kind of gathering where we meet new people. If you're an American, one of the first questions that comes up is: what do you do for a living?

Think about that for a minute. Why is it that that is what comes up shortly after exchanging pleasantries of the weather and what brought you to this gathering? Often it's because we try to place ourselves on the socioeconomic ladder. Am I better, equal, or worse off than you?

It's sad that work is among the first thing how we identify ourselves. How many movies are there where the vindication of the character is at a high school reunion being the richest guy? I'm president and CEO of such and such. Car rental services exist in which you can take a high class vehicle to a function to make you look better. Who cares?!

What the hell is all of this?

Who are you? Are you a dentist? Are you a salesman? A janitor? An undertaker? Actor, professor, fisherman, politician, odor judge (yes they exist)?

Are you a father? Are you a runner? Are you an environmentalist? Are you an advocate? Are you a woodsman? Are you a learner? Are you a friend?

I'm a father. I'm a husband. I'm a friend. I'm a neighbor. I like to write and cook. I enjoy reading about history and finance. Strip away my job and I am still all of these things.

What are you?

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