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Farewell 2020.....(sigh) hello 2020.2

I remember like it was yesterday. The first whispers of a virus coming to “plague our lives“ according to the news. Generally, I have little respect for the media and their constant sensationalism to sell soap.......I should’ve paid attention this time. That was early 2020 and by March it had everyone’s attention. Paranoia, fear and desperation took over and people started to hoard (of all things) toilet paper as the virus divided us into there distinct camps: Those that respected the virus (of which I am a part); Those that blindly feared the virus (the paranoid who have been paralyzed by it); And those who flat out refused to give it any credence whatsoever. “Hoax!”, “Fake News!” they proclaimed as they continued to operate business as usual while the cases skyrocketed and life as we knew it spiraled out of control. Well,.....we are approaching a year living in this “new normal” of face masks, hand sanitizers and elbow bump greetings and there still seems to be no real end in sight. Even though the vaccine has been introduced, our economy is still suffering greatly, people are still falling ill, still dying and we are STILL DIVIDED into those same three camps. How long will our stubborn nature cripple us before we figure out it’s only through the marriage of unity and science will we beat this? How long will our pride goeth before our fall? I pose these questions because I am EXHAUSTED! I want my life back! And this won’t be possible until we start working together. ONE camp, ONE people.......United.

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