• Michael McGowan

Feel the Bern

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Bernie Sanders is trying again. The self-described democratic-socialist that challenged Hillary Clinton in 2016 announced he is seeking the Democratic Party nomination for 2020.

Bio: Bernie Sanders has a long public career so it is quite easy to figure out what he supports and what he doesn't. He is technically an independent Senator, but caucuses with the Democrats and has socialist leanings.

Pros: He's got the name recognition and with Sanders in the race the Democratic Party will be very careful to not allow what happened to him in 2016 to happen again. He's got a large following of Millennials, especially with his promises of free education. The 2020 election will have more Millennials registered to vote than registered baby-boomers.

Cons: Socialism is a scary word. Although he is not an outright socialist the fact that he describes himself as a democratic socialist will be enough to keep people from considering him at all. He's not a Social Democrat. He's more of a reformer of capitalism rather than trying to institute a new economic philosophy.

Conclusion: Bernie Sanders might be one of the few with the abilities and charisma to win the Democratic nomination and go on to win the presidency. Yet I think his time has passed with the multitude of candidates that are just as liberal and can create a loyal following. A Sanders presidency might be a different success story. Because of his extreme left views I'd imagine he'd have a difficult time with any Congress. Even with a packed Democratic House and Senate he'd have difficulty passing his own views of government and would have to compromise with Conservative and Liberal elements of both parties.


We need Bernie Sanders to run for a few reasons:

1) The Democratic Party needs to overcome 2016 and give younger voters a voice in the choice of the nominee without antiquated rules.

2) His views on income inequality are important. If the current inequalities continue on their path, a growing wedge between the haves' and have-nots' will only metastasize.

3) He opposes the repeal of Net Neutrality, supports paid leave for parents, criminal justice reform, and racial justice. These issues must be at the forefront of U.S. domestic policy.

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