• Michael McGowan

Getting Out of Middle-Class

The New York Times recently had an article about The Middle-Class Crunch. It's roughly about defining what middle-class is by income and how difficult it is to get by for a family that considers itself middle-class.

Although the article states about half of adults consider themselves middle-class, most people identify as middle-class. Why is that? Probably because most people in the United States think middle-class is about culture and lifestyle. I am a normal American, that has normal things, that does normal things.

I am part of the half of Americans that is middle-class. And I was thinking what will get me into the upper-class. Make more money, of course. But then like everyone else I'd still have that middle-class mentality. It's not that I want to be upper-class. I certainly don't want the club memberships and have to attend nice cocktail parties in a tuxedo. I suppose that is what I imagine to be upper-class.

Upper-class to me would to never have to worry about paying my bills. And that is self-control as well. Nearly all of us can spend our way to debt. We want the new phone, a bigger car, a longer vacation. I want to get to the middle-class portion of life where I don't care about stuff so much and I don't have to worry about bills.

A family of four living in a cheap home, making $20,000 per year can meet that definition. It's all about wants, needs and comforts. If I could get to that kind of lifestyle, I'll be rich.

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