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Promises, Compromises and Botches

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

It's distasteful when people say if you don't agree with the president then you want the country to fail. "NO! I don't want the country to fail". The difference is that I believe that the president's promises are the wrong direction for the country to take. Some of the promises Trump has made sound great that most people can agree are good for the country. For example, he promised to promote infrastructure, "drain the swamp", and not take a salary.

Trump has failed on some promises, succeeded on others and completely botched a few. He had the mandate for two years to get his promises through.


Campaign promises kept or in progress:

· Build a wall NAFTA renegotiation

· Tax cuts

· Boost oil and gas production

· Appoint a Conservative to Supreme Court

· Not taking a salary

· Eliminate regulations

Campaign promises broken or won’t come:

· Repeal and replace Obamacare

· Have Mexico pay for the wall

· Drain the swamp

· Label China a “currency manipulator”

· $1 trillion infrastructure

· Not play golf


The three promises which bother me most are: have Mexico pay for the wall, drain the swamp, and not play golf.

It's pretty obvious that Mexico would never pay for the wall whether through a check made out to "THE U.S. GOVERNMENT" or through remittances. Draining the swamp was a big one for many people. Trump still rallies his base by stating the swamp is the "DEEP STATE", but the swamp is the bog of insiders and money-hungry titans that pay to play with the president and his family members.

Speaking of pay to play, Trump has been to the golf course many times. I don't care if a president plays golf or has any other activities. The presidency is a busy office and the holder of that office deserves relaxation. The point of this is that he said that he won't have time to play golf and that Obama failed the American public by doing so. How many people have paid the six-figures for membership at Mar a Lago? That money goes into a plot of land that he owns. At least Obama mostly played at military courses.

Never promise more than you can perform. ~ Publilius Syrus

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