• Michael McGowan

The Next President of the United States: Mike Pence

It can happen and Vice President Pence doesn't even need Donald Trump to be impeached, resign or die. He can become president just by standing by Donald Trump while he runs for office. All that needs to happen is the electoral college to end up with a tie between the eventual Democratic nominee and President Trump. 269 votes to 269 votes will throw the election to the House of the Representatives.

The House is controlled by the Democrats, but that doesn't mean that the Democratic nominee for President of the United States would absolutely win. Each state gets one vote. In case of an electoral college tie, this is the only time in which the House is treated like the Senate. One state - One vote. We need to know how the breakdown of the party representation in each state is to get an idea of what the result of the election would be.

There are 25 states that have Democratic majorities, while the Republicans have 23 states in their favor. That leaves two states up in the air. Pennsylvania is evenly split so if each representative votes along party lines then Pennsylvania has a dead vote. Then there is Michigan.

Michigan is 7 Republican, 6 Democrat, and one very special Independent, Justin Amash. Amash hated Trump so much that he left the Republican party and voted in favor for the articles of impeachment. Does he vote for Trump? Does he vote Democrat? Or does he abstain? If he abstains that is an effective vote for Trump. Let's say he can't stomach voting for the Democrat and either abstains or votes for Trump: 25 states Democrat - 24 states Republican - 1 state present.

All it takes for Mike Pence to become president is one member of the Democratic Party from the state of Pennsylvania to switch his or her vote to Trump and we get the tie. 25 to 25 and no decision.

The Senate gets to choose among the top 3 candidates for Vice President. And with McConnell in charge that would absolutely go to Mike Pence. In case of a House tie the vice president takes over the duties of the President. This goes on until the next Congress comes into session which would be January 3, 2021. Granted this is before the inauguration on January 20, 2021, but in this timeline everything is possible.

This is why we must get out and vote. We cannot risk a tie of the electoral college. We must not give any slight advantage that President Trump can use to invalidate the majority vote of the people. This is not only about the next four years of demeaning the office of the presidency. This is this generation's legacy to the next that will undoubtedly feel the effects of the failures for a long time to come.

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