• Michael McGowan

The Ties that Bound Us

If everyone that voted for President Trump wanted the United States to enter back into isolationism they are getting their wish. So far Trump has upset the international order of things by withdrawing, threatening to withdraw, or cancelling treaties, agreements and decorum.

  • Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

  • Paris Climate Accord

  • TPP


  • UN Human Rights Council

He's disrupted the G7, NATO, pulling troops from Syria, pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, rumors of pulling us from the Treaty on Open Skies, and turning our back or barely interested in maintaining our allies.


Who benefits? We must question what is the intent of Trump in doing all these things. Russia benefits in a divide and conquer sort of way. Our brother and sister nations are infighting like a bad Thanksgiving gathering. North Korea benefits by now having legitimatized leadership. China benefits expanding into Africa and Southeast Asia. Turkey benefits having a chance to fill the vacuum in Syria. Big business benefits from non-existent climate controls.

The voters that wanted President Trump have a perceived benefit. They see the world as a zero-sum game. If they win then I lose. But economics and engagement benefit everyone. Because they see Juan, Hamid, Lee making something of themselves that's probably because they got something from an American. To them there's 1 of us and 23 of them.

Who will be the leader of the Free World? Who is the leader of the Imprisoned World?

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