• Michael McGowan

The World is My Oyster

When I was newly married and newly entrenched into my job I received a flyer to come watch a presentation. After watching this presentation on vacations my wife and I would be given a voucher to stay in Las Vegas for a weekend. Hell yeah I'll watch this presentation!

Looking around the room I obviously wasn't the key demographic. Everyone was either retired or near retired. It was basically a timeshare for around the world. It sounded wonderful, especially when they starting asking people what is keeping them from vacationing: money. This would be perfect for us because it was so cheap to purchased. I raised up my hand and said I didn't have the time. I got two weeks a year.

The pitch was about it being so cheap that we'd be losing money on vacations if we didn't take this deal. I asked to take the literature home so I can research it, but for some reason it wasn't available to take home. Why is that? Because it was a sucker's bet. I just took it out of my mind that I could be traveling the world. I was young and uninformed.

Now I look around and although I'm not retired nor close to it I do have more time. And when the commercials come on about world travel we see the couple enjoying a candlelit dinner in an expensive restaurant. I'm older and more informed. I don't need a great amount of money.

Where do I want to go? I'd like to hit all continents eventually and now that I have a few more weeks of vacation a year I need to hurry up and retire so I can see all that I want. I don't necessarily want to see the Eiffel Tower, The Great Wall of China or Machu Picchu. I want to experience my vacation like walking the Appalachian Trail, throwing tomatoes at La Tomatina, wash it off at Songkran, and enjoy a sip from the wine fountain at the Monasterio de Irache culminating the Camino de Santiago. I might as well hit the Narooma Oyster Festival in Australia while I'm at it.

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