• Michael McGowan

Weekend Mess Hall: 10/04/2019 - 10/06/2019

This weekend's news finds Donald Trump now going after Senator Mitt Romney. The problem, according to President Trump, is that Mitt Romney called out the president for his requesting both Ukraine and China to investigate Vice President Biden.

At this point, President Trump needs Senator Romney much more than Romney needs Trump. But Trump feels the need to call for Romney's impeachment. This is the strange thing about Trump. He hears key words and uses them ad nauseam. In this case: impeachment. Members of Congress cannot be impeached. They can be expelled by the chamber members. In this case, the Senate would be the one to expel Mitt Romney, but for what offense? The offense of being the same party and criticizing that party's leader. Here's an idea. Someone should inform the president that Senator Mitch McConnell can call for an investigation and vote on Romney's removal. Let's see how that plays out when McConnell refuses.

Mr. President, you need all the Senate votes you can get. Impeachment will happen and you've just alienated 1% of those voters. Let's imagine removal from office doesn't happen. You've still got to deal with Utah voters. Even the Utah Republicans weren't too excited about you and going after their senator which 62% of them are of the same faith as Mitt Romney might not be a good idea. In 2016, you received a plurality of the votes not the majority. Those six electors might go to another candidate in 2020.

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