• Michael McGowan

Weekend Mess Hall: 10/11/2019-10/13/2019

We often miss things on the weekends because we just have better things to do. I enjoy this stuff and I don't even care much to pay attention to all the happenings. I normally look at the headlines and try to imagine what might have a large impact on the coming week or will have a simmering effect until the event boils over.

Rudy Giuliani has a knack for staying in the news, but this time it's his name attached to some acquaintances' illegal behavior. These associates have been taken into custody for contributing to campaigns on behalf of foreign agents. This was Trump's chance to dump Giuliani and at first it seemed like he was going to. He said, on Friday, "I don't know if Giuliani is still my attorney." Then the next day Trump walks that back and had lunch with him and tweeted adulation upon him. Giuliani is not implicated in this illegal activity, but perceptions matter. And being that close to illegal campaign contributions can't be good for Giuliani's client, President Trump.

In international news, what seems like a small regional problem, but has so much potential to mushroom into a large conflict, an Iranian oil tanker has been attacked off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Taking this into context with the Saudi oil field attack and the increase of American boots to help the Saudis this doesn't look good for the Middle East. This is simmering can quickly lead to a boil.

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