• Michael McGowan

Weekend Mess Hall: 9/27/2019-9/29/2019

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

President Trump seems to tweet a lot when he is stressed and the more stressed out he is the more erratic the substance of his tweets.

He called the people that provided information to the whistle-blower spies. He demands to know who the whistle-blower is. He is equating Rep. Schiff's investigation to treason.

If Trump's conversation with the president of Ukraine was a standard talk between heads of state then release the real transcript, not a memo. We need to start demanding two things: long-form transcript and that our president stop dehumanizing his opposition.

Opposition is healthy for democracy, but that's not what President Trump wants. I will not be a "not my president" kind of person, because he is our president and he must answer to the people. If I act like he is not my president then he won't have to answer to me.

Mr. President, you must answer for your actions, whether criminal, corrupt, or perfect. If you were not afraid of investigation you would welcome it. You demand as American citizen to be confronted by your accuser. I demand, as an American citizen, to have the Office of the Presidency to be unsullied by fear-mongering!

Image courtesy of Rickk Montoya

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