• Michael McGowan

What am I missing?

When you're enjoying a show there is no reason to change the channel. But I am intrigued on what else is going on that is not on the news. Let's see:

  • The Hong Kong protests. This absolutely is in the mainstream media, however there is an equally absolute silence from the Trump Administration on this matter.

  • Iraqi citizens are demonstrating due to corruption and poor public services.

  • Somalia will soon be holding free-democratic elections. I don't know how legitimate that election will be because the country is still rife with tribalism, but this is at least going in the right direction.

  • North Korea launched a ballistic missile from a submarine and probably putting their nuclear reactors back on line.

  • Cuba is having some problems, but Venezuela and Russia are coming to its aid.

I'm sure there are many more developments around the world, but the commercial break is over and now back to the drama.

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