• Michael McGowan

What's so Green about this New Deal?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

The Green New Deal has actually been around for a little while. It was talked about around the beginning of the 21st Century, but now some of the young Democrats have thought to grab hold of this concept and run with it while creating a conundrum for their Democratic forbearers grasp with whether they should endorse it or not. I can see their trepidation because it is mostly being championed by the controversial freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC).

The actual bill that AOC brought forth is vague and filled with “whereas”. But that is how Franklin Roosevelt and many other presidents get elected, with vague promises of a bright future. The bill wants what everyone wants: clean air, clean water, a strong middle class among other things. The problem is what do we have to give up in getting it?

It wants 100% renewable energy. That might not even be possible. The Green Party has a nice outline of what they’d like to do to pay for it. There’s a proposal to cut the military by $500 billion! Why so much? Because their estimates show a cost of about $1 trillion per year. I’m all for cutting a bloated budget, but that seems outrageous. But don’t worry…according to the Green Party the savings will be up to $600 billion in health care costs and have a new industry focusing on the climate. The government must act because the private sector is failing to do so.

The old Democrats are right to be leery of this program. It’s going to be very costly for an unreliable savings. It’s a grand vision, but the next generation of Democrats needs to be motivated by vision. In reality, we’re not going to be fossil-fuel free for a long time, we’re not going to cut the military budget, and we’re not going to rid ourselves of cows. Yet we’re starting the conversation. That’s what the next generation deserves.

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